A multichannel empirical model

Leconte Equity intervenes on European, American and Asian stock markets, as well as on futures contracts of the major stock market indices: CAC 40, Eurostoxx 50, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100.


Leconte Equity exclusively commits its own investment capacity to take positions and arbitrages on financial markets completely independently. This guarantees it is completely free to manage and intervene.


Stemming from multichannel empirical modeling that has demonstrated its ability for several years, this unique expertise enables a major part of available resources to be allocated to market trading performance.


This share management approach includes organization developed around strong resilience and ability to manage risks surrounded by a predictive approach, that is as much based on  unique technical analysis as a solid field approach. This methodology at our identity’s core, made up of differentiating sourcing from best practices, guarantees our market activities have a growing value-creation factor.


We exclusively support companies that apply the principle of ethical, responsible investment, promoting their human capital, environmental strategy and ESG.