Transforming the present, building the future

Leconte Equity has built a solid economic footing on its many years of experience in company development and management, to benefit from an inclusive investment mode of operation. We apply our experience and knowledge to projects where innovation, creativity, renewal, digital transformations are key factors to success.


We generate sustainable and responsible investment performance due to our contribution and unique vision of private equity, and our ability to bypass trends. We work with entrepreneurs and projects that share our growth strategy as part of an equitable meeting point of creating value and making a benevolent environmental and social commitment.


Our assistance lies on making a firm contribution, an ethical code of governance which goes beyond financing to support, provide experience and give advice.  Our ability to listen and bring things into play, our proposals’ creativity, and focus on excellence are what makes us stand out. Our approach to venture capital can be incorporated by direct equity investment, buyout, co-Investment or fund of funds.